The EASYGO team is proud to host the European Geothermal PhD Days (EGPD) 2022 in one of our main collaborating universities: RWTH Aachen University.

RWTH Aachen University is known for its world-class education in natural sciences and engineering. Stimulating cutting-edge technology and engineering ideas are roaming around the entire tri-border region of Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, providing the scientific network for young researchers and engineers of the future.

Apart from its strategic location, Aachen hosts a diverse and historical setting. It is the home of the Aachen Cathedral, which is a world heritage site located in the center of the old city. Visitors can go to 6 different museums that feature historical and artistic exhibits. For more nightlife activities, visitors can experience the Aachen student quarter, Pontviertel, which hosts local restaurants and bars.

For more information on travel activities and how to plan your trip to Aachen visit: Aachen Tourism

Recommended Hotel and Accommodations

The hotels listed below are at 10–15-minute walking distance from the event's location and city center.


This year's version of the EGPD is organised by EASYGO-ITN